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Police in Oakland Arrest Nine Journalists During Occupy Protests.

When Oakland police arrested nine journalists on January 28th it was the most journalists arrested at one protest since the New York City raid on Zuccotti Park.


  1. These are nine out of more than 50 people who have been arrested while trying to report on Occupy Wall Street events in cities across the US - be sure to review the full list here.
  2. On January 28 Oakland police clashed with Occupy protesters in a few places across the city. At one point in the night police "kettled" protests and a number of journalists and conducted mass arrests. Five journalists were handcuffed, arrested or detained for anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. Many had their press passes visible and verbally identified themselves as press. Reports suggest that police openly disregarding them. 
  3. Susie Cagle, who was one of the first journalists arrested in Oakland during Occupy protests last fall was detained again. She also reported being roughed up. 
  4. Gavin Aronsen was arrested the same night. He is a writing fellow with Mother Jones and serves as managing editor of the Ames Progressive. Even though he had credentials, police denied repeated attempts by other members of the press to get him released.