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One Year of Occupy. One Year of Journalist Arrests.

Press suppression and journalist arrests have become an almost weekly occurrence since the start of Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011. As press, protesters and police converge in New York City for the one year anniversary, we'll be tracking press suppression here.


  1. Monday, September 17, 2012

  2. (For arrests from Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th scroll to the bottom. With the arrests from this week, the total number of people who have been arrested while trying to cover Occupy protests now tops 90. For more background visit
  3. 1) Molly Crabapple, illustrator and journalist arrested.
  4. UPDATE: Since #S17 I have been in touch with Molly Crabapple about her arrest and she has indicated to me that at the time of her arrest she was not at the protest to document or report on OWS, she was participating in the events. She was photographing police when they pulled her off the sidewalk and arrested her, but she makes clear in her CNN article on the arrest that she was there as a protester. 
    As such, I am not counting her in the total number of journalist arrests listed here, but am leaving this entry here for the sake of transparency. 
  5. 2) Photojournalist, Julian Reinhart was arrested. Reinhart is a member of the National Press Photographer's Association and has been active in the New York General Assembly group.
  6. New York City police are continuing their crackdown against photographers and journalists during the Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest, arresting a photographer this morning because she did not have NYPD-issued press credentials, according to reports on Twitter. Julia Reinhart, who is also a member of the National Press Photographer Association, was wearing her NPPA identification at the time when she stopped to take a photo. A photo of her in handcuffs was posted on Instagram by Moccupychi.
  7. A photographer who witnessed the arrest identified the journalist as Julia Reinhardt, and that's since been corroborated. The photographer stated that Reinhardt was plucked from a crowd, seemingly at random, and arrested, apparently because she lacked NYPD press credentials. She was reportedly wearing her National Press Photographer Association [NPPA] identification at the time.
  8. 3) John Bolger, a student editor from Hunter College's "The Envoy" was arrested.
  9. 4) A livestreamer, Nathan Heustis, who is affiliated with Occupy Portland, was arrested. Remarkably he kept his camera rolling while in custody. 
  10. 5) Journalist John Knefel was arrested. This is the second time NYPD has arrested Knefel, the last time was in December of 2011.