Million Puppet March: Standing Up for Public Media

On November 3, more than 1,000 people hit the National Mall in Washington, DC, in a massive show of support for NPR and PBS. The grassroots movement began after the first Presidential debate when Mitt Romney said he would zero out funding for PBS.

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  1. For more background check out their website. If you can, donate to the effort because they are using money from their on pockets to make this happen.
  2. And send a message to Congress about why you care about public media here:
  3. Here are some of the best photos from the Million Puppet March (UPDATES ONGOING)
  4. The Million Puppet March is about to set off!
  5. "When puppets are outlawed, only outlaws will have puppets!" And no one would want that.
  6. Million Puppet March
  7. Defend Public Media! Defend the Puppets!
  8. Free Press is at the Million Puppet March right now! Check out our stickers (Thanks to Chance Williams for the photo)
  9. Shirt: No Puppets, No Peace!  or  Know Puppets! Know Peace!
  10. Bi-partisan Puppets. 
  11. There was even a wedding at the Million Puppet March today. 
  12. These 2 chose the Million Puppet March as a venue for their wedding. We want to wish them every happiness. And just for the record, we support marriage equality for all puppets.
  13. Big Bird is waving hello (or showing his muscles) -- maybe both!
  14. Happy or sad. Great or grumpy. Public media is for everyone.