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May First 2012: Tracking Press Suppression and Journalist Arrests

Since September more than 70 people have been arrested while reporting at Occupy protests. Below we have collected reports on press suppression and journalism arrests during the May First day of action. Check back often as we continue tracking and verifying these reports.


  1. If you see journalists being harassed or arrested, send tips to @jcstearns and tag your tweets, video and photos with #journarrest
  2. *Be sure to check out the documentation of all 70+ earlier arrests of journalists at Occupy protests around the country.*
  3. ARRESTS: Initial reports suggest that three journalists may have been arrested in different cities around the country. These arrests are as yet unconfirmed. We are working to uncover more details and verify these arrests.

  4. A little after 7pm eastern time the NY ACLU tweeted about the arrest of someone they identified as a journalist. At this point I believe the photographer is Jessica Chornesky, and is featured in the article and video below. 
  5. Confirmed: Around 8pm eastern time there was a report of a journalist being arrested in Seattle where riots have led the mayor to give police "emergency powers." 
  6. A journalist named "Tommy" was reportedly arrested in Portland. Still waiting for confirmation.
  7. Confirmed: Jenna Lane of KGO Radio was detained & released by San Francisco Police on May 2nd while touring the building that was Occupied on May 1st. She is the second KGO radio journalist to be arrested while reporting on Occupy. Kristin Hanes of KGO was arrested earlier this year.
  8. Jenna Lane @kgoradio asking @sfpd why she was detained for almost 2 hours #journarrest #888Turk #occupysf #sfcommune #ows #m1gs
    Jenna Lane @kgoradio asking @sfpd why she was detained for almost 2 hours #journarrest #888Turk #occupysf #sfcommune #ows #m1gs
  9. PRESS SUPPRESSION: While we didn't see the kind of widespread, coordinated press suppression which we saw in earlier protests in LA and New York, there were numerous reports of journalists being blocked from reporting or being harassed by police.

  10. In New York City: