10 Lessons for Open Journalism from the Guardian

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, has been one of the most vocal proponents of "open journalism." The Guardian recently produced a slick video promoting their vision for the potential of open journalism, and Rusbridger tweeted his 10 ideas for what open journalism looks like at the Guardian.


  1. See below for more links, debate and resources on open journalism and reactions from Twitter.
  2. Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert - video
  3. More Background on Open Journalism

  4. Be sure to read Alan Rusbridger's article from February 2012 and his Q&A with readers on "open journalism" which expands on many of these ideas. 
  5. See more about the Guardian's "open journalism" efforts here.
  6. Melanie Sill's major USC Annenberg report on open journalism is also an indispensable resource, offering hands on advice and case studies.
  7. See also the great work Alex Howard has done connecting ideas about open government and open journalism. He has also Storied Rusbirdger's tweets here:   http://storify.com/digiphile/what-is-open-journalism 
  8. Alex B. Howard: What Can Open Government Learn From Open Source, Data, Innovation, & Journalism?
  9. Responses on Twitter