Reflections on J. Boye Aarhus 14

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make our 10th J. Boye conference in Aarhus a big success. Here's a collection of some of the tweets that capture key takeaways from 3 fast-paced conference days. There were too many good ones to capture them all.


  1. We've tried to carefully select most of them, so they also make sense if you were not there in person, e.g. attended another conference track or even if you did not make it to the conference, but still you might find a few tweets that require a bit more context.

    Either way, feel free to reach out on Twitter to continue the conversation.

    If you think we've missed some important ones, please just add a comment below or send an email.
    First some of the top tweets and then later some for each conference theme
  2. Big data

  3. Creating good content

  4. Design

  5. Digital marketing

  6. Intranet & Digital Workplace