Let's not forget Japan

With all the other terrible news these days, information regarding Japan's recovery efforts could be taking a back seat. Did you see stories about the BP Oil Spill on the anniversary, and were you surprised to hear of the struggles still raging for the people there? Lets not let that happen so fast for Japan.


  1. There are many ways people can still help bouncing around between the tweets of war, protest and weddings. Let's revisit a few, and help if we can. 
  2. These people are using KickStarter.com to fund their project for recording and reporting radiation levels all around the affected area:
  3. Plain ol fundraising, through events and donations by the Japanese community in the United States is ongoing:
  4. Ishinomaki: One earthquake. Three women.
  5. The Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (see jcccnc.org/) is said to be the largest Japanese 
    American community based relief fund in the United States with close to 9,000 donors 
    raising $1,593,596.00 dollars to date

    Donate here:

    Updates on where the money is going:
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  7. One lady has recently translated and produced a poster a Japanese Poem, which you can buy; all proceeds head to relief efforts in Japan:
  8. Searching twitter for events near you is good too. For instance, it appears Charlotte NC are having a dance party for Japan:
  9. Riverside CA is inspiring locals to spread the word about its efforts:
  10. Quest Crew: Sendai Relief Fund
  11. Are you a fan of the music, art and pop-culture of Japan? Yoshiki of X-Japan is raising funds through his own fund "Yoshiki Foundation America" and Yahoo and the Red Cross, and if you hurry, an auction of one of his pianos is raging though April 28th
  12. For book fans, Amazon is still selling "Quakebook" the twittersourced kindle book benefiting the relief effort through the Red Cross. Work was donated to the project by Yoko Ono, William Gibson, Jake Adelstein and more.
  13. There a many DIY projects as well, is there something you make that you could donate through?
  14. Can you solder? Someone who needs to decide which bag of rice to buy (between the only two choices on the shelf, one from Fukushima, or one unlabeled) that cannot build such a kit could use your help I imagine.
  15. Thanks for reading and I look forward to tweeting, re-tweeting and supporting your projects.