Twitch Your Nose


  1. Recently, NBC has announced a follow-up series of Bewitched. This is an opportunity for new generations to experience a new series coming from an original 1960s TV show. However, will the show become a success and maintain interest to a variety of viewers or will many viewers, such as myself, feel NBC is taking too big of a risk and the follow-up won't compare to the uprising of its original series.
  2. Not everyone is as excited about the new series. In fact, Sam Maggs questions why the story line has to be about Samantha finding love. She indicates, "Do they know that this is not, in fact, 1964 anymore?[...]But all they can come up with is that a 20-something modern witch would only care about whether or not she can get the D?"
  3. I believe the spin-off for Bewitched will definitely have an interesting story line but, I predict the new series won't compare to its popular top 50 greatest shows of all time television series.