Global DevOps Bootcamp

A Global Event where communities passionate about DevOps on the Microsoft stack come together, learn about the latest trends and share their experiences.


  1. We have to congratulate Rene van Osnabrugge & Marcel de Vries & Mathias Olausson to have come up with the idea and execution of this global event!

  2. Another big thank you goes out to Microsoft for enabling us to use their fantastic Azure platform to host 1500 VM's in 8 different data centers as well as a the Visual Studio Team Services platform to work with. We received 2000 free users!

  3. Every venue received some #DoEpicShit stickers as well as T-shirts and Global DevOps Bootcamp stickers
  4. Some venues even created their own swag!

  5. Below you will find a big collection of tweets from around the world capturing all kinds of impressions of this great event!
  6. Following an event on twitter is fun when you have a globe to plot the tweets on!
  7. Competing in challenges can result in great prices!