Nantucket In The Snow

Thirty miles out to sea, Nantucket typically gets rain in the winter, not snow. But when the island does get some of the white stuff, it's a sight to behold. Nantucket residents were out early and often over the past week capturing images of the first snowfalls of 2013. Here's a some of the best:

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  1. Snow Clouds Leaving Pre-dawn, Nantucket
  2. Photo by Nicole Harnishfeger
    The sun rises over Old North Wharf Tuesday morning following about six inches of snowfall late Monday night. Check out The Inquirer and Mirror's Snowfall Gallery at " class="">, and submit your own snow photos to [email protected]
  3. The lovely Brant Point Lighthouse on a snowy night. Straight out of camera, I love the dancing light:)
    Taken 11:30 pm Jan. 22nd. 2013
  4. Nantucket Island Fairytail: SAND MEETS SNOW-(same day edit)
  5. A beautiful morning out by Sanford Farm #Nantucket
  6. Not a Margarita on the beach day...
    do you think?
  7. Isn't it always prettier after a storm?
  8. Hello Beautiful Road Less Traveled. #nantucket #snowday
  9. SNOWY MORNING on the eastern front of the island.
  10. The Penguin MINI has good advice for a day like this! #nantucket