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Lisa Marie Basile

poet | author of APOCRYPHAL | founding editor of @lunalunamag | content director @localvox | lucifera, lolita, lucretia


I write right.

Bronwyn Mauldin

Author of Love Songs of the Revolution. Cultural worker by day, cultural creator by night.


We are our writers and creatives. Autharium simply publishes their eBooks. Mostly caught tweeting about writing, books and publishing.

Dave White

Author of the Jackson Donne series. Coming soon from Polis Books: NOT EVEN PAST. Teacher. Tweets about Rutgers basketball. A lot. Come on, who else does that?


I am a music producer, artist, beat maker, and web designer from NYC. Lovin life and making music full time. If you're into music production or beat making definitely hit me up and let us discuss! Looking forward to connecting with some other beat makers and musicians on storify. Legit. Peace.

Barbara Andress

Writer/reader extraordinaire; lover of old movies, Chuck Taylors, Lebanese garlic sauce, and all things British. Possibly in that order.


We set up every young creative for career success + connect employers with top creative talent. Join us: Formerly @NYCinterns.

Frank Rubino

Artist, technologist. Art, Literature, Technology are my usual subjects.


i have great skills and latest tools to detect the finest solution of every problem. Our services include the background searches, verifications and IP investigations.

sarah haines

i like a lot of things, especially books and movies. Most of the time i don't get enough sleep so that explains a lot. oh and this is just little old me talking


Writer of things

Rhonda Helms

Editor @CarinaPress. YA author @SimonSchuster. New Adult author @KensingtonBooks. I love beer, books, the 80s. Alter ego: @OliviaMayfield

Chuck Suddeth

My first children's book, "Halloween Kentucky Style" was published in October 2010. "Neanderthal Protocol," an adult thriller was released in November 2012 by Musa Publishing. I am a writer. I live alone with two felines. I have a degree from Michigan State University and graduate work there as well as the University of Louisville and Spalding University. My first book, "Halloween Kentucky Style" was published October2010.