Coming up with New Topics for Guest Blogging


  1. Guest posting is a long-term strategy. It is a technique that will silently add layer on layer of traffic in the background before you even see the huge traffic bump in your analytics.

  2. So, if you are a one hit guest poster, there is little or nothing to be had from this technique.

  3. Having established guest posting as a critical long-term strategy, it goes without saying that you will need a constant stream of guest post ideas if your momentum is to be sustained.
  4. Guest Blogging Strategies - Whiteboard Friday Moz

  5. How can you guarantee ideas for your guest posts continue coming even when you are fed up with writing?
    The tips I am outlining below will provide you with brain storming ideas to last you for the lifetime of your blog. Really!

  6. Keep a journal
  7. Some of my best post ideas have come to me while I am on the move. By having a journal while on the move, I have been able to keep track of my every idea the old school way, unencumbered by technology. So write your thoughts down in your post ideas journal and pull it out when you need an idea for a post.

  8. Push the envelope
  9. One of the best reasons I have for guest posting is that it forces me to frequently push my mental boundaries. It is an excellent form of mental exercise and it can get you used to coming up with great ideas. When you feel you have reached the limit of an idea, take it further for the fun of it.

  10. Role play: Role plays can be done either alone or with a partner. With a little creativity, you can get as much results either way. If alone, put yourself in someone’s shoes, say a child or a hard to please client, and try to imagine how they might approach an issue. If you have a partner, ask him to play the devil’s advocate and have a conversation about your topic idea. Note down all ideas that come up. If using a pen and paper can stifle the flow of this session, why not consider a using an audio recorder?
  11. Hot potato
  12. If you have friends around you, why not make them have some fun while doing something useful for your business? Hot potato is a fun brainstorming technique that involves someone starting an idea and passing it on to the next person. When it is played with a timer and a real object (does not have to be a hot potato), it becomes a lot more fun and elicits an idea from every team member.

  13. Time travel
  14. Of all the idea-storming techniques I have mentioned here, this is the one closes to my heart. In time travel, you pretend you have entered into a time machine that can take you to the future or the past. From there, look at a problem with the eyes of someone fifty years in the past or fifty years in the future. How would that person have tried to approach a problem?

  15. Look within
  16. Reflect on your own life to find blog post ideas. Content that’s centered around your feelings, challenges, experiments, and lessons learned will resonate with readers. People love to learn from the successes and mistakes of others. What lessons have you learned? Write them down.
  17. There, you have it. My ‘sea-never-dry’ strategy for coming up with unlimited guest post ideas.
  18. To put this strategy to use effectively, I suggest you create a guest post ideas journal and enter all ideas that come to your mind into the spreadsheet. At the end of these exercises, you will not believe just how many actionable ideas you will on paper.
  19. Do you have another idea on how to make guest blogging work? Please be generous, share with us in the comments!