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  1. We are dedicated to assisting past, present, and future customer looking for garage door openers in Chandler, Arizona. Part of this is more than simply selling garage door openers. We also are dedicated to providing information to help you make an informed decision. Times have changed garage door openers. There are many models available. That is why we want to explain what to look for in garage door openers in Chandler, Arizona.
  2. Manual Emergency Release

  3. This seems like this garage door opener feature is a given. But, believe it or not, it is not standard in all models. This is a very important feature. Garage door openers are electric. Like any electronic appliance, if the power goes out then they won’t work. You don’t want to be stuck in your garage during a power outage. Having a manual emergency release allows you to disengage your garage door opener and manually open and close the door.
  4. Consider Garage Door Openers’ Speed

  5. We live in a fast paced world. We simply are not accustomed to waiting for anything. Next time you are at McDonald's take a look around. If someone has to wait even a minute for their food then they begin looking at their watches. You don’t want to spend money for a garage door opener that you have to wait on.Choosing a model that runs at 7 inches per second is much faster than a model that runs at 14 inches per second.
  6. What Does the Garage Door Motor Run On?

  7. We are all used to plugging in an electric appliance and simply having it work.We don’t give much thought about the type of current that is being used. But, there are two different types; AC and DC current. Garage door openers that run on DC current are quieter than AC current.
  8. How Much Horsepower is Available?

  9. Horsepower on a garage door opener. We know what you are thinking. You think of horsepower with your car but not a garage door opener. But, different models offer different amounts of horsepower. If you have just one small garage door then it may not affect you much. But, if you have multiple doors or a large door then you might need a garage door opener with increased horsepower.
  10. Can You Control The Amount of Force?

  11. The ability to control the amount of force put out by your garage door opener is an important safety feature. This allows you to pair the force of the garage door opener to the weight and size of the garage door. If the opener is opening or closing with too much force then you have the ability to turn it down.
  12. Buying a garage door opener is an investment. The worst thing that can happen is to spend the money and time to buy and install a model only to find out it doesn’t meet your needs. You don’t have to go through that.You have expertise available to you in Chandler, Arizona to help.
  13. Seeking the expertise of a garage door opener company in Chandler, Arizona is like seeking a real estate agent to buy a home. It gives you a source of knowledge that helps you make an informed decision. When it is time to buy a garage door opener then come see our staff.