A Roundup Of The Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools


  1. Innovation is the key to sustain successfully in today’s every changing cross platform mobile app development market.

    No matter you are working on the next angry bird kind of app or developing the much hyped Snapchat app, the choice of your mobile app development is always going to matter the most. Right from conceptualizing the idea to practically working on the same, choosing the best platform can add more to the effectivity of the application. This is one element that cannot be ignored like that.

    At present, the best two contenders for mobile app development are iOS app development and Android app development. Both have got their fair share of features, innovative functionalities, impressive market share and a dedicated set of users. Well, the help is at hand also in the form of cross platform mobile app development tools. There are a number of such tools available in the market for the developers.

    The best thing about such tools is that they reduce the overall development time and help developers choose a sophisticated way to develop the application. With cross platform development, similar code can be utilized unlike native app development for which the coding should be developed right from the scratch, which is of course time consuming for the developers.

    Let’s now focus on the best cross platform app development tools.

    Adobe PhoneGap

    By utilizing open source project, Apache Cordova as its engine, Adobe PhoneGap sets its development environment. Being an open source development environment, this is the most popular tool among the developers. Adobe phonegap can also be integrated with other similar interfaces of Adobe technologies as well as third party tools such as Paypal, testing SDK and more.


    Xamarin is quite popular among developers owing to the reason that it users C# codebase when building apps for Android, iOS as well as Windows. The additional native API access adds more to the operating system and developers have also got the chance to add components to the app functionality. For developers, Xamarin offers a variety of documentation material.


    Sencha is very much similar to PhoneGap that makes use of HTML5 so that the development process could have the effectivity of cross device probability. Additionally, it offers a number of tools for developers to work on, which again helps developers to create innovation with mobile app development through Sencha. The library of prebuilt components is also an added advantage to the developers.


    Qt is the oldest mobile app development platform in the list that we have discussed here. Initially it was released in 1990. The latest version of Qt includes exceptional mobile app development support, added functionality for high DPI, navigation and themed UI for an exceptional mobile app development. For adding innovative elements, more features have been added to this app development platform.


    This is one of the best cross platform app development tool that help developers create native mobile application for Android, iOS as well as for the windows. It makes use of the JavaScript codes to conclude the development of engaging apps for the users. This is an exceptional platform for the developers looking for creating innovation through a native app.


    Cross mobile app development platforms have their own advantages. It is also a treat for developers to work on these platforms as they give a plethora of opportunities to the programmers to create innovation in the app development job. As Innovation is the key to delight the clients with the mobile apps, all the cross platform app development tools that have been explained above could help developers in the similar attempt.
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