How to Install Faux Stone Facing

Faux stone is totally in, and often people love the look of it. This new faux stone looks like the real thing, and it can add such a great element to your home. This article will go over the exact steps you need to take in order to install this object.


  1. KMS-Southern Hackett-Almond Buff-Home-WM
    KMS-Southern Hackett-Almond Buff-Home-WM
  2. For many, putting in real bricks and faux stone is a bit annoying. Often, when a house is getting some construction and there is natural stone, the builder usually puts this in there, and it can be very pricy. However, this typical project will make it easy for you, and you won’t need brick ledges. It used to look bad, but now, faux stone is impossible to distinguish. It’s soft, very light, has some fillers, and it can be easy to cut.
    Because it is light, when it is put on the surface with mortar, it’s super easy to apply. You’ll save big time in labor
    For other types of products such as fieldstone, you have to put mortar joints between these stones and bricks, but this is designed to be fitting light, and these mortar-free joints will give you a look that is dry stacked. You can look at display walls at a hardware store.
  3. Creative Mines Craft Split Modular (Color: Bison)
    Creative Mines Craft Split Modular (Color: Bison)
  4. You can even get some L-style corners, keystones, and even sills to finish off the product in a great way. It is easy to get these, and you can typically get them from the same supplier.
  5. Now, in order to start this project, you will want to get a few things. One of them being a hammer to install, a taper measured to determine the size of it. Some sort of cold chisel for shaping, a stapler for this to help determine the edges, a utility knife to help cut things, a trowel for the mortar, and some tin snips.
    Now, once you have all of that, you can start to get what you need. You will need some wall sheathing to cover the wall, some water-resistant paper to put between, a lath to put the masonry mortar in, the stone for the stone veneer, and the corner stone.
  6. From there it’s mostly just taking the first two items for the project, installing those in for this, and then putting the cornerstone in after that. Once you have that put in, it’s a simple building of the material by slapping some mortar onto there and then putting it in each of the points. It’s important to make sure that you have it nicely planned out, and at the end of this, you can sit back, feel great about yourself, and see your amazing new faux stone veneer. It looks amazing, it is pretty amazing, and it can make any home look really good.
  7. Faux stone is a new and popular means of making a house stand out, and this chapter went into detail on exactly what you need to do and accomplish to make this the best sort of project it can be.