10 Tips on Choosing the Best Muay Thai TrainingCamps


  1. There are many Muay Thai gyms and camps across Thailand, youcan easily go and join them without any hassles but what about the Gyms abroad?There are many new gyms opening in countries like USA and others, are they goodfor you? How to know that? Here are some things which you must check beforechoosing the right Muay Thai gym.
    The Muay Thai gym or camp running nearby you or at any placein your country must be certified by appropriate authority, the Instructorsteaching Muay Thai must be certified by TBA (Thai Boxing Association USA) orany other equivalent authority. You must make sure that the instructorsteaching Muay Thai are certified to teach Muay Thai. Some people learn MuayThai from Thailand for a month or two and then open their own camp or gym and pretendto be experienced teachers. You won’t want to learn from them right? So makesure the camp and instructors are certified.
    The Instructors teaching you must be experienced and not somerandom guy who learnt Muay Thai watching Instructional videos. If you want tobuild a good Muay Thai foundation then you must opt for someone who has spentyears in this business of teaching Muay Thai.
    Many small camps call themselves Muay Thai camps but teachother martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo etc. Before joining any gymor camp, you must make sure that the gym you are looking teaches authentic MuayThai or Thai Boxing and not any other self defense sport.

    Camp Facility
    How good is the Gym Facility? Is it big enough for Muay Thai?Does it have all required equipment’s and stuff? Does the gym has a Boxingring? Weights and other fitness equipment’s? Do they have safe lockers whereyou can store your clothes or other stuff while training? Also does your gymhas showers where you can freshen up after training session? These questionsmust be answered before choosing the right gym.
    How far is the camp or gym from your house? How much timedoes it take to reach the gym facility? Will you be able to cover that distanceregularly? These are also important things which you must consider beforechoosing a gym. You must never choose a guy in hurry, if the gym is very farthen you may skip a few classes or reach late. So think before you make yourdecision.
    Variety of Courses Offered
    How many courses or lessons your gym offers? Are they limitedto Muay Thai only or also train for Boxing, Jiu Jitsu etc. Many good gymsoffers lessons in Boxing as well as Muay Thai. Boxing really helps build strongMuay Thai foundation, so check before enrolling.
    What Previous Students Say?
    Before joining any Muay Thai gym, you must talk with previousstudents and ask what they think about this gym. You must also see how manystudents your gym has. If they have good number of students and they aretalking good then you can happily enroll for the lessons.
    Before joining any Gym or camp, you must check is yourGym/camp reputed, is it popular or have a good name in business. What benefityou get if you get trained from this gym. Do you get some sort of advantage byits name?
    So your gym maybe teaching Muay Thai and might be having agood name, but do they have knowledge about Muay Thai history? Do they knowevery aspect, tradition and technique of Muay Thai? I agree fighting isimportant but you must also focus on authenticity.
    Does your gym / camp prepares you for competitions? Do theyhave a team who fights competitions and other tournaments? Your camp mustprepare you for a career, they must give you opportunities so that you can takeyour Muay Thai skill ahead.

    So these are some important points which you must keep inmind before choosing the right Muay Thai gym. I hope after reading this articleyou’ll make right decision and choose a right gym where you can gain qualitytraining and good opportunities for taking your skill to next level.

    Thomas, The expert of Muay Thai, Fighter. Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)is the martial arts from Thailand. More information about Thai Boxing visit muaythaitrainingcamp.co.uk.