"Lean In," Sheryl Sandberg, & Trib Nation

Tweets and social media references from Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" conversation with Trib Nation.

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  1. Reading Sheryl Sandberg's 'Lean In' on my Kindle. The book came out two days ago and I'm already coming across passages that have been highlighted more than 250 times. Girlfriend's hit a nerve.
  2. Site visit for #tribnation event with Sheryl Sandberg.
  3. Press conference with COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg tonight at 6.00 pm. Can't wait! :-)
  4. Sheryl Sandberg is in town, how do I get to see/meet her?!
  5. Just saw Sheryl Sandberg speak about women in the workplace with her "Lean In" book at the Economic Club in Chicago--very inspiring and challenging, in a good way, for both women and men...