Intelligent Campus Day 3



  1. Today we have the first of the Co-Design Tweetchats and it is on the Intelligent Campus, there will be a separate Storify summarising the discussion.
  2. The following comments from Kieran MacDonald on his work at SHU actually came in late yesterday.
  3. The blog post descibes what SHU have done in the area of #microlocation and how it was featured in the NMC Horizon report.
  4. One question is could we scale up this kind of work at both an institutional and at a national level?

  5. Martin King @timekord posted a link about Facebook's facial scanning technology. Could we use similar technologies as part of the Intelligent Campus?
  6. It looks like Germany is going to use it for surveillance...
  7. In order to continue the discussion I asked the following question on Twitter.
  8. This resulted in a conversation with Chris Jobling who then posted it on his blog.
  9. This resulted in a response on twitter about my blog post.