Intelligent Campus Day 9


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  1. I posted a blog post reflecting on the Twitter poll over the weekend.
  2. To continue the discussion I posted the link to the Twitter....
  3. ...well that sparked some thoughts from BritniBrownO'Donnell @BMBOD

  4. On the ALT Members mailing list the discussion continued...
  5. ... no more searching the library to find a seat at exam time ...

    Will you be able to book a seat in the library? Where a student has to travel an hour more more to get to the campus, it would be good to know there is somewhere to sit down when you arrive. Students at several Australian university libraries can book group study rooms, but I don't know of any where you can book an individual seat.

    But how many students will have to travel to a campus for exams? I suggest this will be less than 20%.

    I have been a HE student for five years at four institutions and so far have not had an "exam" (I have not been to the campuses of two of the institutions). In the next few weeks, I have to give an "oral" presentation and be quizzed by a panel before being allowed to graduate, but that will be all done on-line.

    ... let your family or flatmates know where you are on campus ...

    How does this improve on Apps which already let people know where you
    are off-campus?

    ... book the nearest available meeting room ...

    The University of Technology Sydney a meeting room booking system in their Engineering and IT Building. Last week I was at a conference and needed a room with a LCD screen. I didn't have the app, but the friendly staff tapped a few keys and pointed me to the nearest suitable space.

  6. Just a reminder on Wednesday 9th November from 8pm to 9pm (UTC) I will be leading a #LTHEChat tweetchat based on two of the Co-Design challenges, Intelligent Campus and using data to improve teaching and learning.
    I will be joined by my colleagues Sarah Davies and Ruth Drysdale and we hope it will be both an interesting and informative discussion.
  7. If you want to know how tweetchats work then why not look at this slideshare form Sue Beckingham.
  8. Though aimed at the Next Generation Learning Environments, I did find this comment from Simon Thomson @digisim quite interesting about IFTTT.