Intelligent Campus Day 5


byJames Clay19 Views

  1. Last night Dawn Alderson @dawn_alderson posted some interesting links from work in New Zealand and in the UK.
  2. Cathy Ellis and Paul Rolfe from Highbury College were talking about the technology used in smart homes...
  3. So I had to ask, about the role of such technologies in a college environment.

  4. The news has been full of stories about how the IoT broke the internet las week. I found this tweet from Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX) provided an interesting perspective.

  5. Over on Facebook I received a couple of comments from the link to the blog.
  6. Other than in conversations with students, a few academic and admin colleagues, and in the fantastic wildlife we have, I can't really say that I am even convinced that you can find intelligence *on* campus, let alone spend time wondering about the "imminent arrival" *of* an intelligent campus...!
  7. Although, of course, they probably don't mean "intelligent" in any way I would recognise it. They mean "embedded with sensors and sets of business rules" (I think).

    It would be nice if the campus was intelligent though. Paths that adapt their routes would be a big bonus. Lecture theatres and seminar rooms that adapted their sound proofing to keep out the continuous racket caused by the eternal infernal building work. Hell, even having a sane form of temperature control to stop everywhere being heated like a steam room would be a plus.