Intelligent Campus Day 4


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  1. On the ALT Members mailing list I asked the question:
  2. We need to know and understand what you see for the future of university and college campuses. Tell us what you think about how universities and colleges can exploit the potential of the internet of things and artificial intelligence.
  3. One response (anonymised) was
  4. A campus is a place for people to meet and talk. The buildings need not be "intelligent" as people can carry their access to the intelligent services with them. Some basic network access, power and display screens are sufficient. More important are comfy chairs and cafes.

    Within five to ten years, I expect only 20% of students and staff will be on "campus" during a typical university day. Most will be out in industry and the community.

    Staff and students will need access to intelligent technology through their mobile devices where they are, in their home offices, workplaces and in research labs in industry. Providing access only at a "campus" they go to occasionally would not be much use.

  5. Some thoughts on classroom design from Tom Worthington.
  6. Talking to Martin King @timekord he posted a link to a blog post of his about his thinking on managed learning environments.
  7. Though aimed at the #NGDLE challenge there were some interesting perspectives and concerns on using analytics and artificial intelligence on a physical campus in Autumn Caines @Autumn blog post.
  8. Learning would be happening there and I’m sure we are gonna want to show that to justify the system. But wouldn’t it be kind of creepy if we were tracking that. In a physical environment this would be like the teacher following you to the coffee shop and listening in on your informal conversations. So yeah, I pause.
  9. She goes on to summarise...
  10. Now we are teaching students what it looks like to be tracked. They can see what is being tracked, they can export their own data and look at it in a variety of ways. They can imagine how other systems might be tracking them in less transparent ways. And there is a safe space where there is no tracking happening – but I suppose that will require something more complex to build – trust.