Intelligent Campus Day 10



  1. Both Britni @BMBOD and Robin DeRosa @actualham both make the point that just relying on analytics to make decisions is not a wise course of action and talking to the student is of great value.
  2. My colleague Lawrie @lawrie has discussed the concept of open analytics, ensuring that students are able to the both the data and the analysis of that data.
  3. Could we ensure that when we use data that students are able to access that data and make use of it themselves?
  4. Robin's next tweet shows the value of an intervention.
  5. Could we though use data and analytics to inform who we should talk to and importantly provide the right support for? What would we do if we didn't know?
  6. A lot of this discussion crosses not only the Intelligent Campus discussion, but also the Next Generation Digital Learning Environments and Data Driven Learning Gains, as well as informing our existing work on learning analytics.

  7. Then Britni provided me with another relevant link after posting the first draft of this Storify.