1. Today saw the start of the Jisc Co-Design 2016 challenge.
  2. With six topics, I am leading the challenge looking at the intelligent campus.
  3. The intelligent campus - evidence suggests that gathering more data on students, staff and buildings will allow us to create better learning experiences, research and more effective campuses – but should we be doing so? What are the ethical issues? And the logistics?
  4. I published a blog post on the possible exploitation of intelligent agents on our smartphones.
  5. Though probably aimed at the Next Generation Learning Environments challenge, this tweet from David Baume also resonates with the Intelligent Campus challenge.
  6. BYOD of course implies ubiquitous Wi-Fi and there are lots of ways that can be used to the advantage of learners, as well as tracking them.
  7. So the question is what can the intelligent campus do for us?