If the walls could talk...

Amplification of my session at ALT-C 2017 #altc


  1. At the Association of Learning Technology annual conference in Liverpool I delivered a twenty minutes session on the Intelligent Campus. These are the responses from the delegates who attended from the Twitter.
  2. The hyperbole around AR, VR, artificial intelligence and the internet of things as created a cynical bubble among some staff and institutional decision makers, especially those that have been burned by previous tech fads. But it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.
  3. It's interesting to see what others are doing in this space and on the Intelligent Campus blog we have been posting articles about the landscape.
  4. The work by Transport for London (TFL) has been really useful to inform our work in this space.
  5. There is an institutional memory within those walls that is inaccessible and lost every time the learners and teachers leave the room. The room doesn’t remember what worked well or what could have been better. The spaces, if they could store experiences and feedback, would know what worked well, and what didn’t, for different learning activities. What if, we could we use data gathered from teachers and students, as well as space usage, to inform and improve teaching and learning?
  6. If the spaces we use for teaching and learning could speak to us, what would they say? The places and spaces across colleges and universities are some of our biggest investments. But are we using them effectively to enhance and enrich the learning journey? Does the environment in which we learn have impact on the learning journey?