#AirFlotilla to expose once again Israeli blockade of occupied Palestinian West Bank

Israel is threating to deport hundreds of Pro-Palestinian activists and visitors who are expected to arrive at Lod (Ben Gorion) airport on Friday June 8th.


  1. "Welcome
    to Palestine...let's remember others who have been denied entry to
    Palestine by Israel: Prof. Noam Chomsky, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 39th
    President of the United States Jimmy Carter, Prof. Norman Finkelstein,
    Judge Richard Goldstone, United Nations Special Rapporteur Richard Falk,
    Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire...and many more common
    ." quoted from Mr. Sam Bahour facebook page

  2. Senior Official Ben-Gurion
    International Airport told Haaretz "This event will end with either no problems or as a catastrophe. There
    will not be a middle-ground, it only takes about 30
    activists to make a scene at the airport for media outlets to widely
    report on it and thus hand the activists their victory."
  3. "On Thursday at 10 P.M., a military command post will be opened at
    Ben-Gurion, in order to directly tend to the pro-Palestinian activists
    expected to arrive over the weekend."

  4. Those who wanted to return home walking on land (Nakba+Naksa day) where shot dead before even entering the borders.

    Those who wanted to enter Gaza through Sea, the only path they are permitted to by International Law, were blocked and arrested thousands of kilometers far.

    Many others attempted entering the West Bank through Jordanian borders were deported because they were to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. Example: Prof. Noam Chomsky

    Those desperate to Enter Palestinian terriroties are now attempting to enter through Air. Israeli authorities already deporting anyone who expresses his will to go the Palestinian West Bank.

    What other choice do they give us?