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In Honor of the Day.....

The following records some of what happened on April 1, 2016


  1. The inspiration for this was a tweet of a celebratory cake that first broke the news (and, accidently, the embargo) back in February that gravitational waves had been directly detected by LIGO

  2. And so it began, with this tweet in the morning...
  3. We've been going after the equation of state for dark energy for quite a while, so it was actually a plausible result, on first glance. w=-1.3 is a very interesting result, as it predicts that the expansion of the Universe will continue to accelerate, eventually tearing the Universe apart.
  4. But we probably wouldn't announce it via cake....
  5. But at least one person was strongly in favor of our announcement method
  6. I like it when someone shares my sense of humor and joy in science
  7. Some people, however, were more critical. And managed to make us kick ourselves for not thinking of it....
  8. However, we did get some details right
  9. Other people were giving useful details of their own
  10. We were sending out excited follow-up tweets
  11. The cake envy was spreading