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Russian Graffiti Advertisements

Russian Graffiti Advertisements –A look at unique promotional techniques


  1. While most assume ads must be at eye level for people to see the message, the lack of sidewalk advertising eliminates the largest potential ad space available.

    Russians, however, go beyond traditional out advertising on
    billboards and walls and ambient advertising instead using guerilla tactics by placing ads far away from a consumer’s eyes, choosing to place them directly underneath the feet of potential customers.

    By definition, guerilla messages are crafted in an attempt
    to reach their target market creatively, bypassing consumer’s visual filters.Without real knowledge of Russian advertising, I found myself stopping time and time again to read the unique, hand-crafted advertisements that line the pavement around Moscow.

    In talking with Muscovites, Russian’s began to notice advertisements appearing on the ground around the city about three years ago. But because other innovative approach there was no law prohibiting such acts.

    In a recent visit to Moscow, the graffiti ranged from international brands such as Subway and Nike, to local businesses to public health messages. They also vary in size, color, and content, yet share the similar purpose of attempting to attract the eye of their target consumer. This form of advertisement can also be seen as intrusive as it enters a whole new realm of what is possible using the earth’s surface as potential slots for messages.

    Moscow has transformed from a city with political issues to a bustling, vibrant metropolis full of young spirits and ideals. (Moscow the downtown factual. And my perception is that Moscow functions similarly to New York City. Moscow and New York share the 12-13th positions on the list of most expensive cities. Moscow's population of over 10 million people, makes it the northernmost populated city.

    In the United States, we understand commercialized graffiti is controversial. Some see it as an effective channel of advertising for the target audiences, while others believe that legalizing this practice could encourage illegal tagging.

    Before coming to Russia I had seen very few advertisers borrowing the artistic style of street art. It seemed to me that almost every street had a few ads. The ads were very effective to me because I began to recognize the ones I had seen while at the same time I looked for new ads that I had yet to discover. Through my experience, I feel that this unique form of mass communication could work in a setting like the United States, especially with younger demographics.
  2. Russian Graffiti Advertisements