Archaeologies of Greece: Big Questions, Next Directions (Afternoon)

The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World was pleased to host a great line-up of speakers discussing archaeology in Greece for the annual State of the Field workshop. Twitter highlights below, for the full programme see

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  1. Unlike the morning session, the afternoon was a chance to reflect on diachronic themes. First up after lunch, Sarah Morris (UCLA) started the afternoon session talking of the position of Greek archaeology across the disciplines.
  2. Sturt Manning (Cornell) spoke on the climate, environment, and chronology of Greece - a tall order for under 20 minutes!
  3. Michael MacKinnon (Winnipeg) shed some light on the potential for zooarchaeology to contribute to the wider discussion.
  4. Next up was Yannis Hamilakis (Southampton) on the politics of heritage in Greek archaeology.
  5. Jack Davis (Cincinnati) provided some frank thoughts on the state of curation and archives.