C-ESS HDR Students' Workshop (September 2012)

Student-run workshop for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students within the Centre for Exercise and Sports Science (C-ESS).


  1. After treating ourselves to the enormous morning tea spread that was supplied (thanks to support from the C-ESS Executive!), we kicked off discussions by highlighting our major challenges as PhD students tackling the academic writing beast...
  2. With common themes of time management and getting started, I was interested to know whether other students had solutions for these common "writers' problems"...
  3. One of the unique challenges of writing in academia is that it is uncommon to be afforded hours of uninterrupted writing time (due to endless meetings, teaching commitments, phone calls, research tasks, and the list goes on...).  So what are some ways to deal with this situation?
  4. Brianna and Alex are fond of using "Key Reference Tables" to summarise relevant literature and support their writing.  We had a lively discussion about the best ways to utilise Key Reference Tables, and some alternative approaches.