When Charlie Rangel Got Entangled At Campaign Event

The Story of Charlie Rangel and Erick Salgado - Two Opposite Figures - Who Meet, or Not, at Harlem Campaign Event


  1. This happens when we all in the media jump to judge a campaign before it has had the chance to show off. Not that its the media's fault. It was rather a confusing plot, which may serve its purpose at the end of the day.

    The tale of a candidate that has hardly been recognized in the media, based on the assumption that he's farther than a long shot in the Democratic primary.

    The story began when the Erick Salgado for Mayor campaign sent out a press release
  2. The event’s press release claimed two local Democratic officials, veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel and Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, would “be in attendance.”
  3. Yet, contacted by the press, Charlie Rangel's office denied he's attending the morning breakfast.

    Which brought Twitter up on its feet mocking the Salgado campaign or rather having fun at the contradiction in both offices claims
  4. Hannah Kim, Mr. Rangel’s spokeswoman, told Politicker the congressman has no plans to attend the breakfast and isn’t even aware of Mr. Salgado. “The Congressman doesn’t know anything about this candidate at all,” Ms. Kim said. “This event is not on his schedule.”
  5. For some reason, the Salgado campaign stood by their word. Telling reporters to wait and see Rangel stopping by at some point.
  6. Which raised the question, who the heck is Erick Salgado? and what are his chances to attract attention?
  7. So, its Friday Morning... And..in comes.. Charlie Rangel
  8. But it wasn't for Erick Salgado, it turns out: