Was NYT's Temperament Profile of Christine Quinn Sexist?

The Twitterverse Debates Whether The NYT's Article of Christine Quinn's Temper in Private was Sexist or Honest Journalism?


  1. Alex Cacioppo asks the Question:
  2. Well, some really didn't like the fact that the NYTimes picked two men to write a personality a story about a woman, based on conversations with those who know her best.
  3. Howard Kurtz and other think the opposite: It's about journalism, and the facts about the personality of who could become the next mayor of NYC.
  4.  Peggy Drexler writes: "Using words and anecdotes to paint a picture of a woman that may be less than flattering, yet true, isn’t sexist. It’s journalism. What would be sexist would be to expect that Quinn can’t be, or shouldn’t be, portrayed as a bully just because she’s a female. The fact is that female bullies do exist."