Bill Thompson Reshuffles Campaign With National Gig

Top State Department Official and Former Clinton Aide Jumps on the Thompson Bandwagon


  1. Bill Thompson has appointed Jonathan Prince, a former campaign adviser and speechwriter for President Clinton, national deputy campaign manager for John Edwards’s 2008 bid, and deputy assistant Secratery of State focusing on the Middle East in the Obama administration, as campaign manager and chief strategist.
  2. In 2009, Ben Smith wrote about Prince's hire at the State Department: "Prince wrote speeches for Bill Clinton and was a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration. He also oversaw communications strategy at NATO during the war in Kosovo, a post that may have some relevance to the Middle East portfolio, which is, as always, one of the touchiest communications jobs around."
  3. In an interview to the NY Times, Mr. Prince said that he had agreed to help Mr. Thompson because of his “perfect combination of integrity, temperament and experience in matters ranging from education to fiscal management to overall governance, to lead the city.”
  4. Is it Game changer, as Bloomberg's ally claims?
  5. “His hire will send a very positive signal to donors and key stakeholders,” Mr. Wolfson told the NY Times.
  6. Well, based on the immediate response it does look like a big gig in a campaign that should of been balanced by now.
  7. or name changer?
  8. Some right wing Jews don't like the fact Prince worked for the Obama administration as a state department official
  9. Actually, Prince is a big fan of candidates traveling to Israel to gain on-hand Foreign Policy experience before they run for office.

    "Travel-as-experience is "a real trend, and I actually think this one is a net positive," said Jonathan Prince, a former State Department official in the Clinton and Obama administrations. "What's better preparation for being President of the United States, 20 years in congressional committee hearings, or five trips to the most important region in the world for American security? It's not even a close call to me."

    "I'd much rather have someone who's had meetings with Israeli prime minister, the Palestinian leaders, and other leaders like that than someone who's just talked about them in Washington," Prince said.