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As part of the plant family that includes blueberries, cranberries and huckleberries, bilberries grow in cool, moderate temperatures, typically in mountain ranges. they are found throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. Though they are a bit smaller, bilberries have an uncanny similarity in appearance to blueberries. In fact even the name bilberry translates into blueberry in a variety of other languages. However, bilberries hold key differences that set them apart from other berries. They are usually grown in colder, subarctic regions; however growing them even in the right conditions is far from easy. For this reason they are not commonly cultivated and usually only found in gourmey stores in certain countries. Bilberries are great to be used in the making pies, jams, and tea. When use in teas, bilberries have a lot of great benefits to offer those that drink it.