San Francisco Mayoral Race & "the Prime of Mayor Ed Lee".

The Love Triangle of Money, Power and Mayor Ed Lee. "it's only possible to betray where loyalty is due"


  1. Mayor Ed Lee is 2-Legit-2-Quit (music video)
  2. Mayor Ed Lee is in his prime after having been singled out by the Board of Supervisors  for an 'understated manner and drama-free approach to problem-solving' which were key factors in his appointment by the Board of Supervisors as interim Mayor of San Francisco. and now as Standard Bearer for an the elite group of established Party Politicians & Silicon Valley Power brokers intending to run San Francisco.  The  "Ed Lee Set" has employed aggressive campaigning contrary to his reputation as a straight-arrow with an understated stye —begin to stand out from the rest of "the school" of Mayoral Contenders.
    November 4th election for San Francisco Mayor Mayor Ed Lee's 'understated manner and drama-free approach to problem-solving' were key factors in his appointment by the Board of Supervisors as interim Mayor of San Francisco. Now that Money & Power are in the mix, all of that's changed. 
    "In my experience there are three tried and true things that help win elections: incumbency, money, and connections. The bottom line is the person who has the best ideas, motives, and leadership seems to be of secondary importance when it comes time for people to punch the ballot card. Commercial manipulation simply has too much power."
    Ben Trefny

    La times artice 8/82011 "Lee said he never intended to run when the Board of Supervisors named him to the seat vacated by now-Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in January. His pledge to be a caretaker and not enter the political fray was a key condition of the votes in his favor.  The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the organization's small group of donors is closely allied with former Mayor Willie Brown or Chinatown power broker Rose Pak -- both long criticized for a backroom-dealing political style. 
    During Brown’s mayoral tenure from 1996 to 2004, he was dogged by allegations of cronyism, culminating in a five-year FBI probe into municipal corruption at City Hall. He was never indicted, and insisted the investigation was politically motivated. - SF Examiner  And Rose Pak is "a quietly powerful Chinese-American political organizer"

    Paid for by SAN FRANCISCANS FOR JOBS AND GOOD GOVERNMENT, supporting Ed Lee for Mayor 2011, with major funding by Ron Conway and Sean Parker . Not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.

    Ron Conway: " Conway is so powerful and so feared, in fact, that almost no one we spoke to about him was willing to go on the record. Most people we spoke to were scared that Conway would retaliate against them -- and ruin them. One person observed that Conway isn't called "The Godfather" for nothing." - Business Insider. 
    Conway is the  "Director of campaign committee to elect Ed Lee" and responsible for the "to Legit 2 Quit" ad. 

    Sean Parker co-founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, who recently joined Twitter (Parker was played by Justin Timberlake in the movie The Social Network - a portrayal he said "isn't me.") 
    Two tech players with overly-aggressive and controlling reputations.  

    ..I also know that Mayor Lee helped broker the payroll tax break that made Twitter the anchor business on San Francisco's mid-Market corridor. And I know that Mayor Lee's campaign has been able to raise a lot of money very quickly ... enough for his supporters to, in part, distribute an "unauthorized biography" door-to-door as, perhaps, history's heaviest campaign flier.

    It was no surprise that there was a long line of companies right behind Twitter looking to enlarge that financial hole Twitter forced open.

    Shortly after her forced retirement, Miss Brodie writes to Sandy, questioning who might have betrayed her. Sandy replies, "If you did not betray us it is impossible that you could have been betrayed by us." 

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