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5 Actionable Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean

We spend long hours at the workplace, which means we constantly keep touching and grabbing things at our desks, phones, keyboards, etc. You may not have noticed, but by doing so, many things happen, like if your hands are clean, they get dirtier.


  1. If your hands are dirty, the things get dirty. In a nutshell, whatever of the two is clean; it gets dirtier with the contact. Now you must have got that why should you keep your office clean.
  2. Here we tell you how.
  3. Encourage hand washing

  4. It is important to make sure that everyone in office premise understands the importance of washing their hands often. It is the most common as well as effective way to prevent germs from passing around the workplace. People touch their face multiple times in an hour,and by regularly washing their hands, they prevent many infectious diseases to transmit by contact.
  5. Wipe out often

  6. Disinfectant wipes are a practical solution to keep the office clean as well as germ-free. Plus, you also encourage your colleagues to wipe down their desks. Disinfectant wipes are effective ways to sanitize work space and help in preventing illness from spreading.
  7. Take professional help

  8. From time to time, your workplace needs an in-depth cleaning; the carpets need to be made dust-free, floors need to be waxed, windows should look sparkling, and sidings and driveways need to be made filth-free. All these can be done only by taking help of a reliable Los Angeles commercial cleaning service. A professional cleaning service uses advanced cleaning equipment to make the effect long lasting.
  9. Get bins emptied every day

  10. Occupied bins not only create more germs but also generate foul smell. Sometimes, emptying bins daily may look excessive to you, but it is important to maintain a better office environment. Make it a routine at the workplace to get dustbins emptied every day. You will notice the difference.
  11. Don’t make your desk eating place

  12. We all know that it is very convenient to eat at desk, but don’t make it a routine. Encourage all staff to have their lunch break at dedicated areas. It doesn’t mean that they will be less productive when they return. It will help maintain a clean office environment. Still, if it is not possible, make sure that the workstation receives disinfectant wipes after lunch time.
    Hope, you will like and adopt the steps mentioned above and contribute to keeping your office clean.