Great feedback on the #PrisonVan story

I love when I do a story that gets so many people talking


  1. Watch (and read) the story here:
  2. After deadly crash that killed guard and inmate, DOC still debating seat belt use
  3. I encourage you to read my blog which includes some comments from the wife of an inmate who was injured when the van rolled over.
  4. Lots of people wanted to know why school buses don't have seat belts. Here is a link that helps explain both sides of this issue. I want to find time early next week to do a story on this topic.

  5. Comments I received were positive and negative about the story. Here are some:

  6. Jamie Cooper wrote this on my Facebook page: I just watched the 9 news special on the accident the love of my life was in I gotta say that was tough to watch & I'm still crying!!!!! I'm filled with grief for the families of not only the victims but for the families.......I wanna make it my mission to make DOC enforce the seat belt laws!!!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT TAKING MY HUSBAND!!!!
  7. Jerald Lohr said: Good story, Jace. Accountability = Yes, most definitely. I find it ridiculous these transport vans are not equipped with safety restraints for all passengers. Shameful.
  8. I explained to Avs_Fan_21 that DOC is ultimately responsible for the state prisoners in custody of CCA. Also, CCA refused to talk to us but just issued a statement with few answers. I posted that statement in the story: 
  9. Crystal Cashion said: They use cargo vans and put seats in to haul the prisoners. So they don't put the seat belts in. The counties and State and Federal prisons use old school buses that have never had seat belts also. I doubt this will ever change. Would be nice as they require us to have them by law, they should also require all city, county, state and federal vehicle, no matter what vehicle, (if it has four wheels, and carries passengers) it should have seat belts!

    Douglas Edwards wrote this on my Facebook page: they don't use seat belts to save money, both on installation and less cost to tax payers if something were to happen, as it did in this case.
  10. Thank you to everyone for your opinions and thoughts!
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