Gang Bust Reaction

AFT agents raided the supposed "clubhouse" of the Hell's Lovers motorcycle gang Friday night. They arrested 15 at this scene and many others at many locations in the metro area. I live tweeted through the raid using #GangBust on my Twitter account @JaceLarson


  1. UPDATE: Sat., 12:22pm
  2. Here's the Tweet that started it all:
  3. If the bust wasn't interesting enough to see in person, they had one bad ass K-9 there who was more technologically advanced than 9NEWS' cameras.
  4. The dog wore a bullet proof vest too. He can go places that agents can't during a raid and his camera can send back live pictures of what a scene looks like inside. I got some fun responses.
  5. Other journalists, Here's what worked well for us. We got members of our team to help promote our live tweeting of the raid.
  6. A viewer emailed to tell me that I shouldn't use the word gang. She claimed Hells Lovers are a motorcycle club. I emailed back: 'Why aren't they a gang.' She said, 'They don't use hand signals like street gangs.' WHAT?

    They have initiation, they limit membership, the are allegedly criminal, they gather in groups for 'social' reasons. They are allegedly a gang, no?
  7. Aren't our viewers the best? They jumped in to help push out details on the gang bust. It doesn't get better than this.
  8. I also did a couple of YouTube videos. I think I can do better with this next time. One challenge: it was really hard to shoot video on my phone without a zoom.
  9. By the end of the night, check this out: