Busting the Scammers: Part II

I may be a broken record, but look at how real some "fake" emails appear.


  1. The telephone number is legit, but that's about the only thing that is. Look at the email address which sent the note. It appears to be normal until you look at the .mobi.
    When you hover over the "View My Profile" button, this is the link. It doesn't even look legit. 
  2. I didn't click on the link because you never know if that will infect your computer with a virus or if it will take you to another real looking website that steals your name and password.

    Here's another suspicious email that I got at work. It's supposedly for my iTunes account.
  3. Discover offers some ideas on staying safe:
  4. A quick social media search shows plenty of phishing posts for other companies.
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