Collection of Notes and Reflections on #OSSEMOOC Session at #OTRK12

Led by Donna Fry and Mark Carbone


  1. First and foremost, to meet the goals of #OSSEMOOC, Donna and Mark livestreamed the session today so that anyone, anywhere could join in the learning and sharing. 
  2. Donna started off with an Ignite session where she flashed up 20 images for 15 seconds each and spoke to them. She made a compelling case for becoming Connected Leaders. 

    Check out the #OSSEMOOC blog and resources at: ;

    One of the images and messages that resonated with me very strongly was: 
  3. Next, she moved into ways to become a connected leader. She started off by saying spend 15 minutes each day on connecting. Read a blog, comment on the post you read. Tweet out the post you read. Check out a twitter chat. Try one thing each day for about 15 minutes. Other tips that we discussed include: 
  4. As we wrapped up the session and recapped the importance of leaders becoming connected, the following tweets flew by: