Here's how to be More Creative

A concise look at the ways that you can stimulate your creativity and generate an endless flow of ideas.

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  1. We know that kids are very creative but as we grow up and learn to color within the lines, obey orders, and fit in, we lose much of our creative spirit. There are a number of ways we can rediscover it. The biggest obstacle may be our mistaken beliefs about creativity.
  2. So, once we get over these myths, what can we do to foster our creativity? There are some suggestions that you'll see a lot when you consider this topic, like the following (if these strike you as too artsy-fartsy, woo-woo, stick around, other approaches are on the way). 

  3. There's nothing wrong with these, but some wouldn't be welcome at the office ("Carruthers, your dancing is distracting the interns!" Here are 9 that may be safer for work.
  4. And here's a surprising finding that will be welcome to some:
  5. Going deeper into this approach:

  6. One important element of creativity is having the time to think. It's an endangered species.

  7. Finally, you need to keep on stimulating and inspiring yourself. Here are enough quotes to keep you going  for the next decade or so.
  8. Of course it also helps to feed your head with some good books on creativity techniques. Here's a review of one I wrote:
  9. If you commute or have other times when you can listen to podcasts, those can be inspiring, too. This is one in which I cover the topic of creativity (and have a bit of fun as well):
  10. I hope this collection helps you to be the powerfully creative person that I know you have the potential to be. I'd love to hear about your creative pursuits, feel free to email me at [email protected]