Tweeting about a baby eating.

Twitter is a place where some people go to moan about infants eating in public.

  1. Yes, some people actually moan about seeing a baby eating in public. They probably regard Twitter as their private place to vent even though they have not protected their tweets. The old adage still applies. If you would not say it to a person's face then you ought not say it behind their back - or on social media, I guess.
  2. That tweet caught my attention for the use 'patient' means she works in a health service somewhere and well the connection between breastfeeding and health is well documented.
  3. @SanishaVala maybe you are in the wrong profession since #breastfeeding is the biological way for infants to feed.
  4. But also it reminded me of a story developing in Bedfordshire, England about breastfeeding.
  5. Not to be shy, she challenged my knowledge about who she is.
  6. And ignorance of how social media works pays off again. So much stuff can leak out.
  7. I'm doing my Masters in Clinical Psychology next year! 😄
  8. And so highlight that yes, I know what her profession is...
  9. @SanishaVala #breastfeeding is has psychological benefits to mothers and babies and should be supported by *mental health* professionals.
  10. Maybe some backtracking will be helpful but actually in reality it gets worse! Where is that see-no-evil monkey emoji when I need it!!
  11. @ish_chel I support breastfeeding and I am aware of the psychological benefits. I just don't like to be flashed during therapy.
  12. Nooo! Breastfeeding in public isn't a deviant social behaviour. I would have thought therapists knew that?
  13. @SanishaVala You're not being 'flashed'. flashing is a misdemeanor in most countries, like SA. She is using her breast for intended purpose.
  14. @SanishaVala Breastfeeding anywhere a mother and baby can legally be together is a legally protected activity. a therapist shld know that.
  15. And perhaps this therapist 'gets it' and maybe she is feeling a little worried.
  16. Apologies to @SanishaVala. I think you are an all round lovely person and intelligent woman. It is our culture which harms women and harms breastfeeding. I am sorry that we as women grow up in a world where breasts are viewed as for sex first and all the other things that concept entails. It is a baby's right to have access to his mother's milk whenever and as long as he and his mother agree that they want to continue to share that relationship.