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  1. cheap car inc
  2. cheap car inc
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEDEALS.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?
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  7. How can i get cheap car insurance?
  8. How can i get cheap car insurance?
  9. With new Social Programs and Affordable Insurance for Everyone.....?
  10. I can see that I will have a lot more money to go spending on eating out, going on long vacations and not having to work those long hours to make it anymore. Cant wait till November, its going to be Change time. How long before these goodies are implemented by the Democrats and the bad costly programs rid of?"
  11. Car insurance cost?
  12. How much will car insurance cost if I'm a 19 year old girl, who is a full time student with a 3.3 GPA. I'm also a new driver and recently got my license, which means I more"
  13. Car rental insurance in usa?!?!?
  14. I'm going to L.A in october and renting a car for when i'm over there, but was wondering if any1 knows good car rental websites and does this include insurance or do i need to get this seperate? HELLP!!!!. Thanks Joanne"
  15. What is average cost for insurance on a 2013 Kia optimum comp and collision?
  16. What is average cost for insurance on a 2013 Kia optimum comp and collision?
  17. 18 Yeasr old with 94 ford taurus wagon. cheapest insurance??
  18. I'm 18 and just got a 94 ford turus wagon for my first car. where do you think i should get my insurance?
  19. How much i should pay to cancel car insurance?
  20. Hello, i bought car insurance in one of the most popular Northern Ireland car insurance company a month ago. I didn't have UK licenses yet, so the price was very high.The car was Citroen Saxo 1.1l. I sold it and i want to insure a new car but when i quote on that company then i get a very displeasing result and with my financial situation i wont be able to pay it. Other company would Give a look at my insurance details for a Citroen Saxo East Coast 1.1l Anual premium is 1512.40 Insurance Premium Tax @ 5.00 % 75.62 Home & roadside assistance and Legal expenses Insurance 25.00 Hughes Insurance Admin 15.00 Total Annual Cost 1628.02 Total amount payable is 1790.82 And the policy says If you want to cancel the Policy after the 14-day period you must send written notice and return your Certificate of Insurance to Hughes Insurance. We will apply a pro rata charge for the period we were on cover subject to a minimum premium of 25 (plus insurance premium tax). If there has been a claim paid during the current period of insurance or a claim is outstanding there will be no refund of premium. I have no claims, i only had this insurance for a month. And as non native english speaker i don't really get the idea how much should i pay for cancellation and what kind of consequence could bother me."
  21. "Just got my license today, questions about insurance.?"
  22. Hey guys, so I just came back from DMV a few hours ago, and passed my driving test without any mistakes for the first time. I currently live in California and have a few questions about my insurance. So it's my moms car, but she rarely drives it so I practically got the car to my self. Except I don't know the policy for California's insurance. My mom does have insurance on it, but it's listen under her name. Will I still be able to drive the car? Because I am going to get insurance for my self, but I need a way to get to my new job for right now. If not what will happen if I get caught driving without an insurance? Please let me know asap. Thankyou!"
  23. Car insurance increase due to speeding question?
  24. I have geico car insurance and recently was convicted of 2 points for speeding. How much will the insurance be raised if Ive had probation one other time prior?
  25. Is no fault insurance the cheapest coverage possible.?