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  1. bike insurance
  2. bike insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://QUOTESDEAL.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Where can I find public actuary data for car insurance?
  6. where can I find public actuary data for car insurance. i need that to develop models
  7. Car insurance cost in UK... seems too expensive?
  8. I was planning to buy a car in UK. Initially I was planning to buy a high end car but a friend of mine suggested to get a small engine car to get cheap insurance. I am new to UK - have been driving cars in India for over 10 years but the insurance was in dad's name so dun have any no claim bonus. When I compare insurance cost online I don't find much difference between a small car and a big one. Even the cheapest car costs about 2000/= to insure for the first year (for a new driver with no NCB). I don't quite understand it - are theses quote real? Any suggestion for me? New or used? Big or Small? My top concern is cost of insurance.
  9. How does health insurance work?
  10. I'm completely lost on how health insurance works... and I'm finally starting to work and don't know what to do =/ so any information about it is greatly appreciated. thank you
  11. "The police towed my car on my way to get my road tax, but had insurance?"
  12. got insurance on my car but no road tax, just bought the car and have to change it from disable to normal driver but the police have towed my car way, can i get my car back?"
  13. Cheap insurance for new drivers?
  14. Low premiums, Cheap Car insurance, Savings"
  15. Who is looking for affordable health insurance?
  16. life insurance, health insurance, long term care"
  17. SR-22 Insurance only exists in Washington state?!?
  18. Is this true? I have to get one of them expensive insurance in order to get my license back, but soon I'm leaving this ugly state of Washington. is it true that SR-22 only applies to residents of Washington state?"
  19. How much does it cost for car insurance for an 18 year old male at insautoinsurance?
  20. How much does it cost for car insurance for an 18 year old male at insautoinsurance?
  21. What are the charges if you have a suspended licence and no insurance?
  22. well ok my boyfriend was driving with a suspended licence and no insurance..and one night he ran into a street poll..the police came and now he has a court date. i was wondering what are the charges, and could he end up in jail?"
  23. Insurance for senior parents?
  24. I'm considering enlisting in the military. One of the benifits I will recieve is life insurance at an affordable cost. I can get a joint policy with my 2 senior parents (who are currently uninsured) given that they are my dependents. In order for them to qualify, my parent's AGI has to be less than $3200. My father is a licensed chauffer (cab driver) and my mother retired early, and is recieving SS benifits. Will the annual SS amount disqualify her? My father does not file for taxes, and currently owes for not filing. (cabbies don't deduct taxes, they make what they make, I guess) My question is, will this be a stretch to try to get them insured via my military benifits, considering their situations?"
  25. Best and cheap major health insurance?