The Timothy Matthews scandal - a timeline

Here's a timeline with stories and other media. as they relate to the Timothy Matthews scandal, in chronological order.


  1. JAN. 14-19.
  2. The head of the Detective Division of the Kingston Police Department, Timothy Matthews, was put administrative leave. He, has retained legal counsel in connection with an audit of school district and police payroll records.

    A safe was removed from Matthews" office at the city police building on Jan. 19.
  3. JAN. 20
  4. The arrest of Detective Lt. Timothy Matthews was announced by the Ulster County District Attorney"s Office. Matthews" lawyer, Michael Kavanagh, said that the complaint alleges Matthews stole $9,000. He is charged with grand larceny, a felony.
  5. JAN. 22.
  6. City lawmakers say they were saddened to learn Matthews, who was a long-serving and respected member of the city police department, has been charged.
  7. JAN. 26
  8. Lt. Egidio Tinti has been tapped to succeed Detective Lt. Timothy Matthews.
  9. JAN. 27
  10. Matthews is suspended without pay because of the grand larceny accusation. The suspension is in effect for 30 days or until the charges against Matthews are resolved.
  11. There are many question still unanswered.
  12. JAN. 30.
  13. A former school official remembers denying pay to Matthews for 'double-dipping' in the school. And the he said he subsequently was summoned to the superintendent"s office to explain why the claim had not been approved.
  14. FEB. 1
  15. Elephant in room is not mentioned.
  16. The Ulster County Comptroller announced his office will audit URGENT funds used to pay confidential informants and purchase
    evidence such as narcotics, weapons or stolen property, or purchase
    specific information where money is paid to a confidential source.