The little Holiday Lights map that could

I've been experimenting with Quick Response codes for more than a year in the print edition of the Daily Freeman in Kingston, N.Y. and had discontinued using them because they didn't catch on. But that might be changing.


  1. Here are some of the experiments.
  2. In March, I decided to stop using them for lack of responses.
  3. QR code for video features
  4. This year, I decided to add one to our Holiday Lights map, for two reasons. 1) The code is automatically created by when the link is shortened (, which also lets me keep track of it, and; 2) It's just wicked cool with a map. Here's what I mean in a video from last year.
  5. Kingston Holiday Lights 2.0
  6. This year's map contained not only the Navigation feature, but three Easter Eggs (They're easy to find, so I don't have to tell you where they are)
  7. In print, the QR code was at bottom right. Here's the page, sans my column
  8. I was pretty excited when the print map was done
  9. You can download the print version, by the way.
  10. Online, there is obviously more sauce.
  11. Without expecting much, I checked the metrics of the QR code this morning. I was stunned.
  12. Lessons