The Catskills according to New York City dailies, as told through tweets

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times have recently discovered an attempt to re-brand the Catskills, an effort spearheaded by Dean Gitter of the Emerson Resort.


  1. Peter Applebome, who wrote the story (with some help from Sari Botton) responds.
  2. Good enough!
  3. A sprawling set of resorts and an 18-hole golf course would appeal to a new generation of tourists with no memories of the region's Borscht Belt past. Forget about the one-liner comedians and variety shows: Young hikers and skiers would be lured instead by the mountains' grandeur.
  4. This is the Catskill Park Resource Foundation's page on Facebook.
  5. It should be noted it also has a Twitter account, which I've described thus.
  6. Why is there no story about this in the Freeman? Wrong question. Here's more than 160 stories about this years-long saga.
  7. Anyway, this reminds of a map I made from a while back, which is worth re-sharing.
  8. But, wait! There's MOAR!
  9. OUCH