Red Goats: Art or vandalism? REDUX!

Let's beat a dead red goat some more after having beating it to death some months ago. Now with 100 percent more New York Times!


  1. First, as always, some background information.
  2. The New York Times, as expected, has taken up this most important of issues. It's not like there's a scandal or anything.
  3. This headline would have been 100 percent better if 'of' was replaced with 'or.' Almost.
  4. (Full disclosure, the story was written by Peter Applebome, who still follows me on Twitter for some inexplicable reason, with help from Sari Botton of Rosendale —and of TMI fame— , whom I know personally and had the pleasure of embarrassing myself when I visited a journalism class of hers at SUNY Albany some time ago).
  5. Anyway! Apparently, the thing has spread to Brooklyn.
  6. What had happened.
  7. For a November column (SPOILER ALERT: already published!), I had asked the following question on different places:
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  13. Exactly. So what is it?
  14. -
  15. Steve Ladin was running for mayor under the Red Dog party banner (no relation to red goats)
  16. -
  17. This is a wide sentiment.
  18. -
  19. So is this
  20. -
  21. Diane Reeder of the Queens Galley in Kingston has an idea
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