Jimmy Fallon's doppelganger Genya Ravan has another connection to 'Late Night' host


  1. So The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is hosted by, uh, that Saugerties High School grad, had some fun with its 'Screengrabs' feature. During the segment, he showcase an image of Genya Ravan, which many people had submitted because she looks like him.
  2. Screengrabs: Wind Gusts, Jimmy's Doppelgänger Genya Ravan -- Part 2
  3. She noticed.
  4. Fallon didn't seem to notice one thing.
    "He did not seem to know her place in rock music history," Kenneth Salzmann wrote to us in an email. "She was honored a few years ago by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for one thing. 

    "Or that she lives in his hometown of Saugerties."

    Indeed, she's a rock pioneer *(and Holocaust survivor). Hudson Valley magazine featured her in 2012.
  5. The Freeman reviewed her album, 'Undercover,' in 2010.
  6. TANGENT! Jimmy had the Freeman in 'Screengrabs' once in 'Late Night'.
  7. Fallon is beloved by the town.
  8. And he loves Saugerties back.
  9. Anyway, some of Ravan's Facebook fans and friends have suggested that Fallon should have her on his show. What do you think?
    Jimmy? JIMMY?