How to make a slideshow with Pinterest with Storify under 2 minutes*

Tutorial 2.0, now 100 percent faster. * The RSS caps at 10. Tutorial for more than 10 pins follows below (takes a bit longer).


  1. I've written about how to make a slideshow using pins from Pinterest. For kicks, I pinned some of my Instagram photos and made a quick slideshow about it.
  2. Obviously, I like to be dramatic about such things:
  3. This is from that tutorial on the reasons why I did this:

    Storify has an Instagram function, but it doesn't allow you (yet? guys?) to search for users. And you can't do slideshows with Instagram, so this doubles up as a tutorial for making a slideshow for your Instagrams.
    NOTE: The links go to Pinterest, you'll have to click again to go to the link where the pin came from. But, regardless, if you want to change the order and make a slideshow of your pins, this is what I would do, until the Pinterest and Storify and Instagram guys figure it out.
  4. Here's one that Storify itself has been promoting. Pretty nifty.
  5. (And here's another one to pin things from Storify.)
  6. All this made me think of using ifttt:
  7. These are great ways to quickly create posts.  If This Then That,, is a service that lets you put a conditional on a task (THIS) which THEN makes another task on another platform (THAT). Posibilities are endless.This got me thinking. Couldn't I do the same with Pinterest? After a search, I found that there were some recipes feeding the Pinterest RSS feed into emails and such. So I thought, Pinterest to Storypad!
    But then I thought, why bother with ifttt if you can directly do this in Storify?

  8. I also wanted to create a Storify HowTo within Storify, which I didn't do because I wanted to add the actual slideshow with the post.
  9. After some people used it, it was noted that using the  bookmarklet to pin individual posts was a bit cumbersome.
  10. Thus the following tuturial. No bookmarklet needed.

  12. 1. Grab a Pinterest RSS feed. Here's the formula:
    For a user feed: 
    For a board Feed: 
  13. 2. On your Storypad in Storify, add the RSS feed to the RSS tab. Each pin will appear like this.
  14. Twitpic - Share photos and videos on Twitter
    Twitpic - Share photos and videos on Twitter
  15. Note that your pins appear as small RSS icons and not images. HERE'S THE EPIC PART.