1. Alert Facebook peep Sean Mahoney sent me a message earlier this week, seeking some light into a disturbing issue.
    Two of his friends, he wrote, "saw some garbage on the mountain road (23a by kaaterskill falls) and went to clean it up. What they found was literally so much garbage hidden under bridges and behind road barriers, they had to ask local businesses to take some of it in their dumpsters. The community is now sending these pictures to DEC and other government entities to get something done. Its unreal."
  2. It is. 
    Courtney and Colleen Brower posted the following photos on Sept. 21. 
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  5. "We picked up over 200 bottles and cans, over 20 diapers, 23 shoes, 12 pairs of underwear, metal tins, styrofoam coolers, broken glass, we could go on forever. This is only a small portion of the mountain road and we can't begin to think what the rest has sitting on it," they wrote.
    Mahoney wrote that government officials have been contacted (and media), via phone and even Facebook, but they've received no response. 
    Others in the community have also been highlighting this issue:
  6. It seems that this problem (people throwing out garbage when traveling) is endemic in our society, but also it seems that many of us just shrug this off as business-as-usual stuff. 
    It is heartening to see that for many in the Catskills, this situation is not OK. And so they're trying to do something about it.

    Ultimately, a lingering question is, who's really responsible for this? State government, localities, NEW YORK CITY HIPSTERS? 
    What do you think could remedy this, but in a practical way? ('let's be nice' isn't really a solution, now, is it?)